Jennifer is usually the first person you see when entering our office at the front reception desk. She has been greeting you since 2011.

She graduated in 2000 as a level 2 dental assistant, and went on to add 2 additional certifications to her name, becoming certified as a dental treatment coordinator, and dental receptionist. Jennifer has also been active in many office management courses and is eagerly waiting for a certification in this field through the Ontario Dental Assistant’s Association to add to her list of credentials. Jennifer has been working for the last 17 years in the dental industry and enjoys helping patients understand their insurance and receive the best in up-to-date dental care.

In February 2017, Jennifer applied to the Ontario Dental Assistant’s Association to be on the Board of Directors to help voice the opinions and collaboratively make decisions for dental assistants in all of Ontario.

In her spare time, she helps people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals by working as a fitness instructor in Woodstock in the evening and weekends, but also finds time for herself to workout, run and hike. Jennifer also donates her time to the SPCA every week by giving attention to the homeless animals in the shelter. Jennifer enjoys singing with her band in Woodstock and surrounding cities. When she does finally go home to relax-she enjoys spending time with her adopted kitty Miya, being with family and friends, relaxing in her backyard and doing home improvement projects.